worm gearboxes

Due to its in-depth knowledge of and the many requirements of the chemical industry, the Varvel Group can satisfy international customers’ requests on the properties and alterations to which products and materials are subject, but also those concerning pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Whether dealing with standard configurations or customized solutions, the company can prepare solutions to prepare targeted methods which require compliance with high safety standards to protect people, the environment and the machinery used.

Among the Varvel Group’s product range stand out the worm gearboxes of the Series RS and RT,  made in cast aluminium and cast iron, combining innovative design and high performance.

Construction simplicity, reliability, ease of assembly and versatility are the main features of these gearboxes, that can be easily integrated with electric motors and small to medium power applications.

Varvel’s worm gearboxes are available in an ATEX version, and therefore suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres or in the presence of high fire risk. Varvel also produces cast-iron gearboxes, coated with epoxy paints highly resistant to wear, vibration and corrosion, proving components capable of delivering excellent long-term performance and limited maintenance requirements.

The main applications of these gearboxes include the operation of systems for the surface treatment of metals, mixing paints or powder coatings, creating plastic materials and packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products.

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