In-line helical gearboxes by Varvel for mining industry

helical gearboxes

A unique ability to innovate and constant commitment to serving the needs of the international market allow Varvel to satisfy the requests of leading manufacturers of tunnelling, mining and quarrying machines and stone, marble granite and coal processing equipment.

Varvel gearboxes are capable of withstanding intensive work cycles in the high load applications: they are used in a range of applications including marble cutting, sludge drying, asphalting tar production and the magnetic separation of extracted materials.

In keeping with company policy, Varvel designs solutions for companies willing to minimise the impact on the environments of stone materials processing.

Among the range of Varvel products, the RD Series of in-line helical gearboxes is a true example of Varvel’s expertise in the photovoltaic and wind-power industry: made of aluminium or cast iron, these gearboxes stand out for efficiency, compactness, versatility of use and excellent operational reliability, due to their ability to withstand high radial and axial loads and their long operational life.

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