The report shows that Italy has implemented national policies to boost growth, competitiveness and productivity such as the National Plan “Industry 4.0” which – according to AT Kearney – has helped to make our country more attractive internationally.

The 2018 report, makes a special mention of Italy. Specifically, for the first time in more than a decade, our country is back among the top ten most attractive economies for foreign direct investment, gaining three places from the thirteenth to the tenth.

Within the EU, Italy ranks after Germany (third), Great Britain (fourth) and France (seventh), but ahead of the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. This is a significant leap forward, as proof of the renewed confidence in the Italian economy on the part of foreign investors.

The numbers of the sector were driven by the incentives (hyper- and super-depreciation) of the Industria 4.0 plan which, boosted investment in machinery, technology and innovation and enabled Italy to partly make up the gap with the other industrialised countries.

It’s a big result that we hope we can reply, and why not improve in the next years.


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