What does it mean? “Is it true that in an age of exponential technologies and accelerating automation you would think that the role of humans is diminishing. But it is not actually a paradox, that the opposite is happening. It is more and more important for projects, initiatives, startups, but also corporations, enterprises, to be able to rely on a process that allows to them to acquire the right talent at the right time so that they can execute a solid idea and turn it into profits, change the world positively. The role of human talent and human skills actually is increasing in our society” (www.davidorban.com)


Thanks also to David Orban keynote speech at SPS, centre of debate had been the relationship between man, technology and the new digital solutions with particular focus on the subjects of the Digital Transformation journey and the future challenges for man and technology.

Debate followed on at the event area dedicated to training, called “Fare Cultura 4.0” (Creating Culture 4.0), with the collaboration of high schools and universities, incubators and start-ups, Digital Innovation Hubs, Italian Engineering associations and training centres.

In this setting, students selected by their educational institutions, and known as have been welcomed as guests throughout the duration of the event to allow them to express their own views on the most innovative technologies shown at the event.

In addition to this, trade Italian associations like  Assofluid Assiot and others  have beeb present in the area with relevant projects and info desks.

SPS Italia has become a crucial event for the Italian automation market some years ago, and this has been a very successful year for automation companies, also thanks to government plan dedicated to Industry 4.0. SPS Italia has been a big opportunity to launch new collaborations and have a global wiew.



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