Robotics studies and develops methods allowing robots to perform the human work automatically.


It is designed to replace humans in carrying out heavy or repetitive jobs.

  • industrial robots with robotized arms equipped with couplings, sensors and actuators, controlled by software for handling, lifting, packaging, assembling or welding of materials.
  • cobot, collaborative robot, designed to work with the man, sharing the same spaces. They are equipped with safety devices that do not expose workers’ life at danger carrying out repetitive, risky and tiring jobs in their place.


This is one of the most challenging and fascinating fields of research whose goal is to achieve robots with human features, equipped with artificial intelligence and able to act autonomously. They are equipped with sensors, servomotors and video cameras allowing them to replicate human movements or respond to voice commands. 


A service robot operates autonomously or semi-autonomously to perform services useful for the wellbeing of human beings. Service Robotics also includes:

  • robotic prostheses, designed for post-disease or accident robotic rehabilitation
  • exoskeleton, robotic structures that support the body from the outside and entrance the physical ability of man even after serious trauma.


It refers to intelligence machines equipped with thin arms remotely controlled that allows to perform different interventions with precision and less invasiveness than traditional surgery. 


It is applied above all with children with a playful purpose, with toy robots, or with therapeutic purpose, in the case of diseases such as autism or learning disorders.


This discipline has implemented technological solutions to improve the quality of life in home. We speak of “smart houses” in which many electronic devices are connected to a central server, controllable even remotely, to regulate internal temperature, lights, rolling shutters, gates including even alarm systems or security systems for possible fires, gas leaks or similar. 



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