It is the work of a Dutch architect an innovative “green” tower built in Rotterdam, one of the most trendy centers on the international level, characterized by a youthful, dynamic and continuous ferment that has earned it the title of “younger New York sister“.

Completely destroyed in 1940, during the bombings of the Second World War, the city of Rotterdam is today one of the most avant-garde and trendy center on the international level. It is the largest port in Europe and one of the most important in the world. It has become famous for its avant-garde architecture and modern urban design, but unfortunately due to the high rate of pollution.

This aspect has inspired the Smog Free Tower, designed by the dutch Dan Roosegaarde. It is an innovative tower able to clean the air by aspirating it. The same, once deprived of carbon dioxide and pollutants, is returned to the atmosphere.

The device works, in essence, as a real purifier able to capture ultra-thin particles. But not only.

The purification process is based on ionization, which mechanically filters the air, separating the pollution particles. Thanks to a compression system, these particles are compacted to form small reusable cubic stones, each of which contains the smog of a thousands cubic meters of air!

7 meters high and 3,5 meters wide, this tower is able to clean 30 thousand cubic meters of air per hour, is low consumption and uses only wind energy.

The aim of the Roosegaarde design was not only to make the air of his city cleaner and of the places where a tower like this could potentially be installed, but also to make the concept of smog somewhat tangible and more concrete.

After the official presentation, the Smog Free Tower was built in a plot of land behind the Roosegaarde architecture studio.



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