A research carried out by the Ministry for Economic Development reveals that the diffusion of the Industry 4.0 technologies concerns only 8% of Italian companies.

More in detail, 8.4% of Italian companies use at least one of the technologies that enable digital transformation (according to the Industry Plan 4.0, 2017/2020). To this number is added a 4.7% that has planned specific investments in the next three years. It refers to technologies that intervene in the following sectors:

  • production (IoT, AR, VR, 3D printing, cobots, nanotechnologies and intelligent materials)
  • exploitations of information and data (cloud, big data, cyber security, horizontal and vertical integration).

The theme of Industry 4.0 was one of those dealt with at SMAU, the review specialized in technologies for companies and public administration that was held  at FieraMilanoCity from 23rd to 25th October.

A report by the Ministry of Economic Development of 2018, on a sample of 23,700 realities for all dimensional classes, has photographed the state of art of a digital revolution still in its beginnings, whose results are however destined to change.

Looking in detail how the Italian companies have chosen to face the challenge of 4.0, it is noted that:

  • 62.4% of companies with an innovation process already underway makes use of one or most two technologies
  • for companies over 50 employees the digital transformation is widening
  • it is only the big companies that have implemented the 4.0 technologies in an integrated system (more than half of them, in fact, use at least 4 types).

In addition:

  • there are few companies that use technologies that only affect the production phase
  • only small companies have chosen to innovate with the only technologies of data use
  • it is a choice of 50% of medium-sized companies and 69.2% of large ones use both.

Going into more detail on the single technologies used, channeling most of the business investments are cyber security, horizontal and vertical integration of information and IoT. At the moment collaborative robots, 3D printers and virtual simulation technologies are spreading only among the more structured medium and large industries.



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