From now, to know how and how much is spent for the proper home appliances, a single small device is sufficient. This is NED. All is necessary to do is to connect it to the electric panel… and you’re done!

To create it and develop it was Midori, an innovative SME incubated at I3P of the Turin Polytechnic, founded in 2011 to built and sell advantage energy analysis services.

Thanks to the revenues generated since the first year of activity, the company has been able to finance the development of technologies that underlie NED, a device able to measure and control the consumption of household appliances.

The nice device looks like a small “Smile”. Unlike the most of the energy monitoring solutions currently on the market, composed of measuring instruments (Smart Plug) to be connected to each appliance, NED easily connects to the electrical panel of the house.

After being installed and connected to the counter, it is able to connect simultaneously with all devices at home, monitor consumption and, through a smartphone application, provide access to wide range of services.

Once operational, the device listens to identify the electrical impressions of the main household appliances. «Thanks to a very high sampling rate, NED collects numerous data, which are crossed with different methods of energy absorption of the various appliances allowing it to learn how to recognize different devices» explains Christian Camarda, CEO of Midori.

By App NED is also able to track a timeline of the daily logged loads. This allows to highlight excessive consumption and electrical anomalies with the consequent possibility to warn of possible breakdowns of energy in household appliances, suggest cheaper energy prices on the market or better performing appliance medias.

In addition to monitoring and recording energy consumptions, NED can provide practical tips for getting to save on your bill up to 20 percent a year.



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