Egyptian steel fever: international bids for developing steel Company

Holding Company for metallurgical industries received nine international bids for developing steel Company.

The bids included nine Italian, Chinese, Ukranian, Russian and German companies out of a total of 22 companies; the envelopes were opened on 12 September, the last day to receive bids.

The Technical Committee formed for this purpose will examine the tenders and evaluate them technically; then the committee will make a financial evaluation to accept offers according to the procedures.

Iron and Steel production activity represents the most important economic activity which contributes by 16.0% of industrial production value; whereas followed by coke coal and petroleum products industrial activity by 13.7% and food products industrial activity by 13.7%.

Furthermore, the total production value for the steel industry reached EGP (Egyptian Pound) 10.8 bn: it means an increase of EGP 16.3% while 2016; marking an increase of 27.0%, due to the stability of energy supply for energy-intensive industries.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and statistics issued its quarterly bulletin of industrial production; the report showed that the total Egyptian industrial production value reached an increase of 21.1%.

Galbiati Group is a Company leader in the steel field: the Mechanical Machining and Construction Division and the Gear Reducers Division make Galbiati Group the ideal partner qualified for mechanical transmissions for steel industry and for customized construction of mid and large-sized components that require high quality standards.