Special bearings and revamping service in the steel industry

    The iron and steel industry is one of the main sectors for which FARO supplies special bearings for cold rolling mills, hot rolling mills and flattening.

    steel industry

    Particularly, in the Sendzimir rolling mills a special bearing called a back- up roll is mounted, which pushes and keeps the rolling rollers straight.

    This is a sophisticated application, which requires precision in the micron range: an eventual eccentricity, in fact, has repercussions on the thrust on the rollers, compromising the quality of the final product.
    For this type of bearing, FARO offers a revamping service that provides for the analysis of damages and the definition of repair costs; the grinding of the external diameter, the possible replacement of the damaged internal components and the new selection of the section height.

    The reconditioned bearings guarantee a result equivalent to that obtained with new bearings, allowing the customer user a considerable cost saving.

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