Leader in the field of heat treatments and thermal processes

Bodycote is among the world leaders in the field of heat treatments and thermal processes with more than 180 factories in 26 countries.

It is present in Italy with three production plants in Lombardy, from west to east: Gorgonzola, Madone and Rodengo. In world Bodycote organization, these plants belong to the business unit AGI: automotive and mechanical general industry.

The Gorgonzola plant is the Bodycote pioneer plant in Italy; production started more than 20 years ago. It is the European biggest plant for the heat treatment of tool steel, high speed steel. A new vacuum furnace LPC low pressure carburizing dedicated to carburizing of gears will soon enter into operation.

The Madone plant is the biggest Bodycote automotive plant in Europe. Its team it is committed to high precision heat treatment for safety automotive components.

Last but not least, the Rodengo plant is committed to heat treatment of high precision automotive components. This plant is qualified by most of the automotive companies for specific heat treatments.

One of the teams is involved with the development of “Kolsterising”®, a surface treatment that increases the wear resistance of austenitic, duplex stainless steel, without changing the corrosion resistance.

A production plant will soon enter into operation in Italy. Bodycote’s strategies worldwide rely on innovation and acquisitions. The LPC furnace in Gorgonzola, dedicated to “The world of gears” is a good example.