Lean Product Development


The capacity of product development and innovation is become a critic feature for the nations that want remain at the forefront, as well as for those companies that want remain competitive in the long-term perspective. Are the innovation and the development of the product unforeseeable services for use only of few man of talent? No. They are social processes, in which organization ability plays a key rule. Some factors are decisive, but often the companies behave as opposed to how they should behave. Some examples of these decisive factors:

  • Focus on front loading, or rather on a detailed study of the informations in the process’ initial phases-instead start quickly and “fix things” subsequently.
  • Apply the concurrent engineering, by favoring an early internship of informations between various functions-instead to perpetrate the sequence of activities between silos;
  • Avoid the negative multitasking- instead to gratify oneself to doing many things at the same time
  • Use cooperative systems and visual systems (obeya room)- instead to leave the coordination to mail and to extemporaneous meetings.

If you want, it will be possible deepen these subject matter during the training day dedicated to Lean Product Development which will take place the next 12 of April among Mandelli Sistemi Spa in Piacenza.

For more informations: formazione@staufen.it


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