Early will start to circulate in Great Britain plastic pounds that will substitute the filigree ones. Everything is ready to let out £5 note, with the image of Winston Churchill, and the £10 note, with the Jane Austen’s face; they are made with a special thin and flexible “propylene”.

The “propylene” guarantees a major duration (until two and half times more than the paper ones), more resistance (they don’t ruin themselves even if they go in the washing machine), but, above all, this material makes very difficult any types of counterfeiting, also thanks to a small transparent part where it is concentrated a very high level of Italian technology.

It is the know how of one of the companies leader in the world for the printing press field: the Cerutti Packaging equipment of the group “Officine Meccaniche Cerutti”, headquartered in Casale Monferrato, the research center in Vercelli, manufacturing facilities in both cities. All is ready, it expects Bank of England clearance to begin to divulgate the new “plastic money” (for British “seem fake” but they find them more secure) and to withdraw the traditional ones gradually.

The banknotes, in fact, are implemented through several stages: from the creation of the transparent film to the final print. Essential intermediate step is that in which are etched the basic colors, using very sophisticated inks and, especially, the step in which it realizes the “anti counterfeiting window», the small transparent part, where it is fit a special safety systems. This is the more difficult part and it it was entrusted to the Cerutti technology, that has just used and implemented this type of technology in other countries: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Zambia, Vietnam, Romania. In these states are printed “plastic banknotes” with the Cerutti know how; in many other countries including Brazil, China, Indonesia, Paraguay, Thailand, the same technology has been used for printing of polypropylene banknotes for a commemorative purpose.


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