In Italy startup in the agriculture field are less than twenty. In the food field, startup are eighteen times more than those in the agriculture field: 350. Where is possibile combinate these two worlds? In agritech, ecosystem that intersects the traditional supply chain of the fields with the innovative pushes of robotics, biotechnologies, and green energy. In the big international markets, as USA, the phenomenon is exploding.

Future Food Institute datas talk about 4,6 billion dollars distributed in 527 agreements only in 2015, after a 2014 closed with 2,36 billion dollars and 264 agreements. The Italian numbers are more modest and especially less compact, but there are some exploit: from device for the fields’ management to drones in Barolo wine varietal, from meteorological sensors to biofuel production.

In the background there is the “old” agriculture, a market that in Italy has produced also in 2014 an added value of about 31,5 millions of euro on a production of 57 billions of euro.

The common denominator is exactly the application to agribusiness of competences and different sector’s technologies, according to an idea of contamination that want to increase productivity.

The lack of innovative companies ready to set themselves as “agricultural” is explained by the fact that on 5.150 innovative startup listed on February 2016, in a special section of the business register of the Italian chamber of commerce, only 15 societies are in this category, and only 12 are the companies dedicated explicitly in the crops.

However just move the objective on parallel segments, from the life’s science to the research, in order to increase the final balance sheet.

Raffaele Maiorano, Anga President – Giovani di Confagricoltura, said to Sole 24 Ore: “there are a lot of startup connected to agriculture world, but they aren’t properly ‘agricultural’ and don’t want fall into this category. For this reason we are pushing on open innovation: it integrates itself in a lot of fields, it isn’t the agriculture that wants innovate itself alone.” Maiorano continues “become agriculture all the techniques that allow you to reduce the costs and allow to increase the profitability, from the device for the weather to internet of things.

The future? We think about Big Data. We use them everywhere, the agriculture shouldn’t do any exceptions.


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