Currently the economic development of the power transmission industry is more or less splitted into two customer areas: on the one hand, the automation and the consumer orientated business, such as the food industry, medicine, robotics and material handling, which is running very well and still growing in 2016. On the other hand, the “classic” industrial business, which is expected to decline 2016 in Europe.

For 2017 the European power transmission industry expects a sideways movement again in total.
“Although the economic situation at present is difficult – our industry in Europe is innovative and on a long-term perspective it will grow further. It is important to define general issues and discuss those in an international network. The International Drive Technology Meetings are an ideal forum to discuss future trends within the international management”, summarized Ekrem Sirman, CEO of Harmonic Drive during the conference in Lucerne.
EUROTRANS will offer the next International Drive Technology Meeting on 23rd April 2017 in Hanover.


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