Automatic, the company bringing the power of the internet into every car on the road, announced a new Bluetooth connected car adapter, the Automatic Lite, the low-cost adapter for anyone who wants to save time and money on their car. This follows the success of the unlimited 3G Automatic Pro launch earlier this summer. Like Automatic Pro, Automatic Lite is completely subscription free, and comes with Automatic’s free Android and iPhone app.

Features include:

    • Making car ownership more affordable: If the Check Engine Light comes on, the Automatic app will help to diagnose what’s wrong. It explains what’s wrong in plain English and helps you find nearby mechanics if needed.
    • Expensing trips “automagically”: Tagging trips for business is a snap with convenient shortcuts. You can export your trips to a spreadsheet or create itemized expense reports directly with services like Expensify, Concur, Xero, or Freshbooks.
    • Tracking gas expenses: Automatic knows the locations and daily gas prices at hundreds of thousands of stations around the country, so entering your fill ups couldn’t be easier.

Designed as the companion for Automatic Lite, the beautiful new Automatic app for iPhone and Android puts the car’s data at the driver’s fingertips. The app wirelessly syncs with the adapter over Bluetooth when the car is on and the app is running so a consumer’s car seamlessly connects with the rest of their everyday life through the Automatic app ecosystem.


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