Times are changing. Nowadays both big corporations and small start ups encourage their employees to remote-working. Some companies develop policies and profound credo around this flexible approach.

The new technology and the blooming popularity of the Cloud and VDI allows easy access to organizational resources from any place and any device. According to many reports, in 2016 more than 90% of the companies worldwide have shifted their workload to the Cloud.
At the same time, technology companies enter a fierce competition to create the most innovative and smartest solutions (software and hardware) to allow an instant and effortless access to all the applications and resources. As a result, the market is scattered with a number of reliable devices, at reasonable prices, to choose from.

Having workers outside the office is profitable for both the company and the employees. Companies can keep the cost of energy and space down. Less people in the office means lowering various expenses from utility bills to cleaning. Moreover, companies don’t need to spend money on expanding their offices and instead they can invest on their employees development. American Express, for instance, saves between $10 million and $15 million annually thanks to work-remotely option.
On the other hand, employees save valuable time and money on commuting. Furthermore, commuting to work, especially in metropolitan areas can be the most stressing and devastating part of a day.

Globalisation is nothing new (actually, the large-scale globalization process began already in 19th century) however its effects are still increasing and becoming more powerful and visible. Many companies, especially small start-ups, noted that as they grow they don’t necessarily need to hire people who live in the same city or country.
Last but definitively not least, employees tend to be more productive and feel highly satisfied and fulfilled while working remotely. In the last years, many surveys were conducted and the majority of them showed that remote-working actually increase productivity! In the study conducted by Nicholas Bloom and James Liang, the results showed that workers were 13,5% more productive while working from home, gaining companies almost an extra workday out of them.

Another study from 2016 with a pool of 200,000 employees, confirms that remote workers are happier, more productive and more valued than their colleagues who work in traditional offices.
Remote-working has become a significant and constantly increasing trend. One of the most noteworthy reasons behind this is the raising of new technologies that provide more secure and easy connection to work resources from home or any other place in the World. According to the new Gensler survey (2016) the most innovative employees divide their time between in-office and remote-work. In the US alone, number of employees who home-based work has increased by 103% between 2005 and 2016.


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