Armando Martin’s book entitled “Industry 4.0, challenges and opportunities for Made in Italy“, was selected for the final of the italian award “Premio Nazionale di Divulgazione Scientifica”, which will be held at the CNR headquarters in Rome on December 13th.

The theme of Industry 4.0 is a very current topic because it represents an opportunity for growth and modernization of our country, but it is above all an opportunity to underline that Italy is a great industrial and technological country.

Without forgetting that one of the leading sectors of the Italian manufacturing industry, that of the manufacturers of high technology automatic machines, is steadily between the third and fourth place in the world, both among producers and exporters.

Certainly sectors such as food and wine, art and tourism are the first to be “perceived” as identifying the well-being and progress of a country of 60 million inhabitants, but this assumption, according to the author, is part of a series of “cognitive bias”, ie judgments not necessarily corresponding to the evidence.

The second “altered perception” is that of the factory environment by many considered unattractive to young people. In reality today “modern factories are safe and controlled environments, where it is possible to live in close contact with the most stimulating innovations that are changing the world“, says Martin.

Even the digital transformation under way, contrary to what is perceived, is not a factor that produces technological unemployment. In contrast, the countries that are investing more in technology and training (Germany, South Korea, Japan) have very low unemployment rates and high quality employment. In Italy itself, in the last few years, the number of employees has remained almost constant with a substantial number of inhabitants.

Industry 4.0 is therefore a unique opportunity for growth and modernization of our country, to increase the size of companies, bring out a new entrepreneurial class, to grow new investments and new skills.



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