The ninth edition of Enermanagement, the final FIRE convention of 2018, was held in Bologna on 23/24 November.

The first day was dedicated to the civil sector. They talked about NZEB buildings (Nearly Zero Energy Building) domotics, digitization, obligations on new buildings and renovations, with a comparison between institutional representatives and companies that reported in the room regulatory/technological updates, best practices, business strategies .

On the second day Artificial Intelligence, ICT, demand response were some of the keys to the future emerged energy scenario, according to which, in order to achieve the energy efficiency objectives approved by the European Parliament between now and 2030, it is necessary for Italy to new policies and strategies updated, above all to increase the competitiveness of the national industry.

These are ambitious challenges for the future, which will require significant investment, especially as the energy market is going through a transition phase: the end user becomes a producer, and more and more oriented towards demand response (or the ability to respond to market signals by increasing or reducing energy consumption, allowing greater flexibility and stability of the network and a more efficient use of energy infrastructure and resources).04

During the conference days the recurring theme in the various interventions was that of resources, which increasingly play an important role in the dynamics of corporate decisions. In fact, there is a shift from a logic of buying at the lowest price to a logic that provides for a rational use of the same. By using less and using them better we can aim to achieve the goals set by the EU and increase the competitiveness of Italian companies.

Another important factor highlighted was the need to give the right value to those that are the non-energy benefits of efficiency, to quantify them and to manage them in a useful way. In fact, these too contribute to consolidating synergies within companies.



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