An industrial vision system is an automatic device that, through image acquisition and software processing, allows the automatic and high-speed execution of tasks such as inspection, measurement or identification.

In recent years computer vision systems have become very advanced and very intuitive, so much so as to almost forget that they are still very rudimentary compared to human vision.

With the “human vision system”, in fact, we can recognize the same object under remarkably different conditions. There may be changes in lighting, structure, size, distance, shading, colour, movement and many other properties vision that change, but human vision always allows you to recognize an object in any context is seen.

Robotic vision systems use models to detect known objects, even if they are not advanced as the models used by the human visual system.

In particular, many of them take advantage of the template matching technique. It is a matter of taking a model of the image of the object and of identifying the similar areas with respect to the detected image, directly comparing the images in grayscale or using the method of detecting the edges of the image. The robotic vision system will save the model image and use it as a reference to find the object in future images.

The industrial vision allows to detect defects and imperfections of products, monitor and constantly improve production processes, and finally optimize the use of resources, both machines and plants, both raw materials and semi-finished products.

Also thanks to the push of Industry 4.0, the development of manufacturing companies is strongly influenced by the use of digital technologies and vision systems, which aim at the objective of total inspection, that is the 100% of products.

The use of these technologies brings well-defined benefits as a result:

  • repeatability of results
  • reliability of products
  • speed of inspection and control procedure
  • satisfaction and therefore customer loyalty.



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