On October 19th in Milan, the second edition of the Innovation Nation Forum was held, with an audience of over 300 startuppers and investors present.

According to Alberto Mattiello, innovation expert, founder of the Future Thinking Project of the J. Walter Thompson and professor of digital innovation at the Bocconi University of Milan, the current digital revolution will provide us with infinite possibilities of elaborations over the next few years thanks to the infrastructures on which the development of Artificial Intelligence is currently being built. These will be joined by the 5G, which will allow an infinite transmission of data.

We are currently at a time when people can not process all the information they receive and are struggling to keep up with technology that is advancing at ever faster pace. The robots are flanking themselves expansively to the work of man, pushing even closer to the point where, perhaps, they can independently carry out intellectual works.

This is certainly a fertile ground for an innovation ecosystem. Factors such as uncertainty, speed and complexity represent challenges and opportunities for large companies and organizations that want to push towards innovation.

The sectors considered most interesting today for new start-ups, incubators and accelerators are:

  • Agrifood
  • Technology e Med-Tech
  • Fashion&Design
  • Green Energy.

The trend of innovation is reflected in all European countries, especially in France, where a new model of growth of innovating economies is being aimed at. This is why, in order not to lag behind, Italian excellences has set to work.



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