On the occasion of Aluminum 2018 (6-8 October), the most important European event dedicated to the aluminum supply chain, a project was presented to start up magnesium to industrialization, making it stable, economically competitive and sustainable, from an energy, supply and production point of view.

It is named PowerCoat® Solution the technology (developed up to now only in the
laboratory phase) that will allow the use of magnesium in industrial and product processes: from automotive to aircraft components, from biomedical applications to substitutions for technopolymers.

Magnesium is a resource that has considerable potential compared to a very wide-ranging material such as aluminum:

  • has a 6 times greater spread in nature
  • with the same workability and performance, it weighs a third
  • it is much cheaper to extract
  • has a very low density
  • has a high specific resistance
  • is the lightest of structural metals.

Among the most important factors that push the industry towards the use of magnesium are lightness, strength, durability, economy and environmental sustainability. Until today this material has found little applications for problems related to:

  • difficulty of industrialization
  • corrosive processes
  • instability of matter in the industrial treatment phase
  • difficulty in guaranteeing the durability of products in the medium/long term.

The possibility of making stable, durable and resistant magnesium alloys opens up new horizons for global sectors such as aerospace and automotive.

The magnesium alloys will replace in many cases those of aluminum only thanks to the greater mechanical strength, lower weight, greater durability and resistance to corrosive agents. The applications are numerous:

  • materials handling equipment
  • components of aircraft and missiles
  • printing and textile machinery
  • bicycles and sports equipment
  • portable electric tools
  • biomedical applications
  • laptops, televisions, cell phones
  • seat frames
  • luggage.



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