From recent forecasts by Anima Research department – Confindustria Mechanics varied and similar – it appears that export of Italian mechanical should increase by 1,3% in 2019.

Italian export is driven by United States, where the sector registered 2,8 billion Euros of sales, on a total of 28,2 billion Euros.

Germany keeps on growing in terms of incomes, following a progressive trend started in 2014. Even France remains a fundamental market for Italian mechanical, considering that total sales in 2018 valued around 2,5 billion Euros.

United Kingdom, despite keeping the 4th place in export, slowed down in export and this trend, started in 2016, is likely to continue during 2019.

China and Spain, instead, keep on investing in made in Italy machinery. They registered a substantial growth since 2016 even if with a fluctuating rhythm.

There is a surprising new entry which is Poland where, up to 2014, there was barely commercial relationship. This growth may be linked to production relocation due to the minor labour costs.

On the other hand, there are several countries where Italian export has significantly reduced. Russia, due to European penalties, registered a -20% compared to last year.

Even Gulf countries, notably Saudi Arabs and UAE have lowered their request for Italian mechanical components.


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