SPS ipc Drives: meeting point Parma, 28-30 May

Ninth edition for the exhibition that since 2011 is key event for manufacturing


SPS ipc Drives is getting closer and closer. During the years, it turned into a fundamental event for robotics and 4.0 industry.

Exhibitors in this occasion (complitely free for business operatos) are over 800, with a special pavillion dedicated to Manufactoring sector Digital Transformation, called “District 4.0“. There, it will be possible to see exposed renewal projects implemented with new technologies and process digitalization.

District 4.0 will be split into different thematic areas, such as: Advanced Automation; Digital &Software; Competence Academy and Robotics &Mechatronics. Visitors, in each area, can analyze real history cases, in order to get several inputs to understand the potential of the overall technology. Meanwhile, for those companies already implementing digitalization processes, this will be a chance to share opinions and to better understand the necessary skills to implement innovation at best.

Focus for this 2019 SPS ipc Drives is building expertise, as, without a concrete development of the human value, technological innovation cannot be implemented in practice. Therefore, a Competence Academy has been set up together with research centers and institutions, to provide knowledge and practice laboratories.

Assiot, Assofluid and Anieautomazione will be present during the three days.


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