In 2019 economy is supposed to slightly slow down, therefore companies, to support their business, are focusing on advertising and communication campaigns.

Current marketing trends are spreading the idea of brand, where the attention is not on the product or its price, rather on the brand as an identity able to represent a community. The aim is to build a direct and ongoing bond with the market, working on customers’ desires, instead of their needs.

Company networks become the ideal place where your own community can (virtually) meet and share ideas, opinions or find useful news, feeling at ease as every user shares the same identity with the others.

The social component, when focusing on the brand reputation, is a relevant aspect considering that business ethics, its position and approach are drivers for the whole community. Employees themselves will represent the brand values, as they are involved in this new vision.

Several associations and companies had already foreseen this trend and they seized the market’s opportunities. They realized virtual platforms to share opinions and meet potential customers overseas.

Raising visibility while creating value added is possible, with a community.


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