71% of Italians access the internet. 27% still read newspapers (AudiWeb-Nielsen certified data). However, only 71% of the Italian companies are online, therefore, 3 out of 10 have no visibility on the web. Comparing the data, it is clear that many entrepreneurs have not seized the web opportunities yet, even though they could get in touch with 4 billion people without moving, but only by implementing an efficient digital marketing and communication strategy.

International competition is now all about the technological level. Although the trends are clear, 86.6% of Italian companies have low levels of ICT, meaning that precious opportunities get lost, especially at international level. What distinguishes successful companies is the number of followers, not just their revenue figures. Social pages and company networks are more and more attractive if they speak to a specific community which identifies itself in the shared contents.

Furthermore, these contents must be interesting, not only linked to products and brand image, but focused on the company’s context. In this way, the business proves to be constantly focused on the market needs and its main developments, as well as giving valuable content to its users, who consider the platform a reliable source of news.

Getting results with “do-it-yourself” techniques is possible, but to achieve tangible, lasting results in shorter time, contacting a professional agency is certainly advisable. Understanding your niche, getting to know your users and their habits is essential. The key to success is to provide topics that stimulate discussions in the community. This is not a simple “like-and-share“, but requires meticulous and careful work to realize business opportunities.


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