Starting from May, 20th, a new Istat survey for companies will be transmitted. It is no longer every ten years, but three-year term, in order to get more updated and useful information in shorter time (preliminary data should be available by the end of 2019). Changes are even in the questions to the companies, as there will be queries on digital maturity, development strategies and access to credit.

This survey will be a sample survey, but the data will be shared as census. Data from other current surveys and registers will be integrated with the Istat survey to get the census result. Around 280.000 companies will be involved through an online questionnaire with mandatory answers. Such a new way of research has been supported by some of the major national trade associations as It will make available new relevant and detailed information about business situation and employment in Italy. The final aim is to provide a solid support to the national governance to take decisions.

Reliable data about successful business will be available, as well as development leverages that they do adopt, but even critical points and obstacles on the economical growth.

Some questions are related to the use of digital platforms and cloud services to understand the digitalization level in Italian industry. There will be queries on the environmental and social responsibility too, in order to get a wider vision on the integration between company and territory, as well their efforts towards the local communities.


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