It has been discussed on several occasions the lack of skills in the new digital era, as well as how the Italian education is inadequate to current market’s needs. To overcome these issues, the Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with other companies and institutions in the sector, has introduced in its training offer the master’s degree in Mobility Engineering (#LMMobilityEngeneering).

The new degree will start next academic year, 2019/2020 and will be entirely in English. This is a unique course in Italy, created to meet the needs of the innovative companies but also to provide to the young generations skills to support the strategic sectors for a concrete economic development. Students during their studies will see several concrete projects, including the development of the first electrified highway in Italy. The goal is to implement an “eHighway” model to permit the goods transport electrically. In order to carry out the project, the A35 Brebemi will be the tester. The idea is to equip the highway, in both directions, with a suspended electric line that allows the trucks to be powered by.

This experiment wants, on one hand, to improve the quality of life and, on the other hand, to train with Polimi future professionals. If the first classes will be successful, then this master course will be implemented to create a generation of highly skilled managers able to support new business models and able to seize the new technological opportunities.


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