On June 25th, at the Bologna Congressi Sala Maggiore will take place the “Smart Vision Forum”, a unique event in Italy. It will be an occasion of meeting and confrontation for what concerns the industrial vision. This technology is related to manufacturing industry and of processes, designed to detect faults and imperfection, as well as resources optimization.

The Smart Vision Forum aims to offer to the major national players, including producers, distributors and integrators of industrial vision technologies, an opportunity to discuss about know-how, experiences and issues.

The industrial vision systems are fundamental components to implement a real industrial smart automation, considering that they are able to collect information on the production line, they detect faults in products and they can optimize the robots’ activities.

In a 4.0 industry world an event like Smart Vision Forum becomes necessary to provide the Italian companies concrete answers, both to producers and consumers on their way to digitalization.


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