In Germany VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) carried out the first complete analysis concerning business platforms in the B2B field, focusing on the mechanic’s field. Many companies, differing for dimensions and digitalization level, took part to the study.

The study highlights that the digitalization process completely renews the company, in therms of production but as business model as well. Results can only be reached if the company does consider this process as involving all the compartments and not just as an IT factor.

B2B platform operators shall focus on their users, adapting to their needs with an individual approach. Only in this way the user will be able to find those products he was looking for getting a real advantage. As Amazon every day builds a loyalty relationship with thousands of customers, even B2B platforms have to create a bond with their clients.

A company investing on a web platform cannot only sell its products, but it has to create a real product network and, especially, related services. By doing so, the customer will fulfill his needs without turning to competitors’ platforms. This approach restores in depth the company’s internal structure, as different productive fields have to start integrating in a dynamic way: team-working is fundamental for succeeding in web related businesses.


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