Artificial Intelligence is a common topic nowadays among companies and start-ups. Still, not all the the ones affirming to deal with Ai are actually specialized. This is what shows a study by Mmc, a British investments society. According to the data, 40% of the start-ups affirm to be into AI business just to get more funds, between 15% and 50% more than those not into machine learning field.

Using the definition in such inappropriate way, nevertheless, may cause confusion in the companies aiming to innovate, with risks for the real potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Mmc study highlights that, since 2013 Ai business related companies raised from 2% to 8%. Of the total 2830 analyzed companies, only 1580 are actually Artificial Intelligence developers and 500 of them are based in UK, while 66 are located in Italy.

Artificial Intelligence companies are mostly interested in chatbot, automation tools and medicals, while agriculture does not seem to be appealing.


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