Managers, company executives and experts shared their opinions during the “FutureAbility” mission, where they defined the most impacting trends for the next three years, focusing on smart working, retail and health.

In the upcoming years our way of living will completely revolute, changing mobility, services but even way of working. As a general trend, Smart working employment should increase, even if less than how desired. In fact, at today, Italian SMEs still remain attached to the old culture that the employee has to be present and his results are measured on the time, rather than of the final outcome.

On the same digitalization trends, managers focused on other fields that should raise; for example, the electronic payment via smartphone, which will turn into competitive advantage for merchants. Even the on demand access to goods and services, avoiding possession, will raise, with concrete opportunities in segments like automotive, apparel and home appliance. The trend will be favored by young users while, in opposite way, hybrid shops will grow, and they will be able to widen the products and services offered on customer’s request.

Our future and the digitalization trends will be led by the efficiency of time as a primary resource.


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