Thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, several softwares, including chatbot, have been developed to make everyday life easier.

The chatbot is a software that simulates human replies to assist the customer, reducing waiting times to get in touch with operators. Thanks to machine learning, the system analyzes the key words of the question and replies to the user. It offers great advantages, such as the possibility of interacting 24 hours a day and reducing waiting times. At the same time, the costs for companies are lowered, as operators do not have to continually provide simple and repetitive answers.

Considering the efficiency of this system, a useful software has been created to support entrepreneurs in getting the digitalization vouchers for SMEs. Andy, the chatbot’s name, through simple questions, answers like a consultant, organizes appointments with an expert or informs the users on live webinair.

Andy’s goal is to support companies in everything related to the “4.0 environment“, in order to promote the spreading of new technologies and skills, as they are not only meant for companies able to afford huge investments. Considering the Government “National Business Plan 4.0“,which supports the SMEs, a help in spreading the innovation culture like Andy will support companies to positively approach change.


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