The automation industry grows quickly in Italy, with estimated sales in2018 of around 8000 units and an annual based growth of 14%, dials that double German results. Nowadays, Italy is the eighth country in the World among the producers and its applicative sectors are: metal industry, chemistry, plastics and automotive.

The presence of robots in the firms grows and, contextually, the employment does the same. Even though often associated to unemployment, real data highlight that in 2011 using 1.1 million robots generated between 8 and 11 million workplaces. According to Mr. Appendino, Siri‘s president (Italian Association of Robotics and Automation), automation reduces production costs and, therefore, final products’ prices, raising customers demand and, as a consequence, employment.

The estimated value of the compartment at today is around 53 billion Dollars, by 2025 market share should be 275 billions. Worldwide production leaders are Asian countries, with an average estimation of 375.000 units produced in 2019, while European production should count 75.000 units. China, global leader, produced in 2017 138.000 units and around a third of them were installed in the country; in fact, Governative plan “Made in China 2025″ aims to digitalize the country with national incentives. This is good news for Italian automation industry as China is the biggest market for the export.


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