Environmental damage is getting more and more discussed among Italian companies and, consequentially, investments in risk management plans are spreading.

As per a survey by Anra (Associazione Nazionale dei Risk Manager e Responsabili Assicurazioni Aziendali), 60% of the companies taking part to the study have the ISO 14001 certification, which sets out the criteria for environmental management system. Less than 40% have other environmental certificates, like EMAS or ISO 50001. Nevertheless, 84% of them is convinced that these certifications could support in environmental risks prevention.

General perceived risks are: increasing competition, workplace accidents and, in third position, environmental threats. They are split into different ones, like explosions or fire hazards, tanks spillage, losses from interred pipes and spillages from external pipelines.

62% of the companies has a risk management plan and 92% of them includes environmental damages. Furthermore, 50% of the businesses have got an insurance and then they implemented staff training (20%), recurrent maintenance (19%), and introduction of environmental certifications (14.2%).

Those who adopted an insurance got tax benefits and discounts on the policy if they already had an environmental certificate; on the other hand, those without insurances, decided not to invest because it is not a legal requirement, or because they do not consider their activity exposed to environmental threats.


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