Not only applications in the technical field, but also in medicine: Artificial Intelligence now manages to identify as many as 7 forms of cancer through their DNA present in the blood. This test, called Delfi (DNA evaluation of fragments for early interception) could be the first step towards an early and non-invasive diagnostic system. 

The test was able to detect tumors in 73% of the samples, all at different stages and in different forms. In healthy volunteers, out of 215 samples, there were 4 false positives, or 1.8%. Thanks to artificial intelligence, not only were the tumors discovered, but in 75% of the cases also managed to figure out which tissues were the source of the cancer cells.

This new type of examination, unlike the traditional ones, studies the organization of DNA in the nucleus of the cell, looking for those in which the genomes are not well ordered, but are messy stowed in the nucleus. These cells are the cancer ones, and when they die, they release the DNA randomly in the blood.

These are the first steps towards a new type of analysis but, if studies confirmed the effectiveness of this method, it would surely be the origin of a new method of investigation and diagnosis.


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