Nowadays, companies constantly look for digital talents, on the one hand because they are few, on the other, because they are necessary for the development of every business given the continuous innovations in the digital world.

First of all, digital talents are willing to move to another country to grow professionally or to gain experience and solidify skills. This characteristic is evident in more than two thirds of the total, compared to an average of about half of non-experts.They have a high level of education and are mostly men (68%).

What are the specializations of digital talents?

The most common skills among experts are:

  • Data mining, analysis and engineering
  • Programming and web development, both front and back-end
  • Digital marketing, including influencer marketing and analytics marketing
  • Digital design, including UX and UI design
  • Development of mobile apps
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Agile ways of working
  • Robotics and automation

In any case, even among digital talents, there are fewer people skilled in AI and agile work, despite being the most required competences.

What do they think is most relevant in their job?

Economic rewards are not important for digital talent, but what matters the most is a good work/life balance, meaning more flexible or reduced hours. In second place, they consider important the possibilities of having continuous training to stay updated on the latest digital news and to be able to sediment their skills. Another aspect that interests them is the possibility to make career, and to have a good working environment in harmony with colleagues. Only after these features comes the demand for a good economic compensation.

Where do they want to work?

To improve their position and find themselves in situations where the level of digitalization is higher, young talent would prefer to move to the US, followed by Germany and Canada. The hub city for digital presences is London, a favourite destination for 24% of the total.

Italy is the tenth country that can interest the skilled, and Rome is the first city that appears in the list, on 28th position.


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