By the sea, in Rapallo, you may find a future‘s preview. This time, the waiters in probation are two robots. Their name is “Xiao Ai”, which means “little love” and they arrived straight from China. Their online day has been last May and customers, together with tourists and passers-by are already showing great interest in this innovation.

This Ligurian coffee shop, famous due to some important clients, such as Ernest Hemingway and Eugenio Montale, seems to have found a new way to catch tourists’ attention.

These robots, nevertheless, will not replace human waiters, as they will continue taking the orders at the tables, keeping a human contact with the clients. The robots, in the meantime, will wait for the order in the kitchen area. Once food is ready, the waiter will place the order on a tray and digit on the robot’s screen the table where to deliver it.

First trials have been successful for these two future pioneers and the owner is sure that they will have great success. It looks like even in Italy, after innovative countries like China, the future is getting closer and closer.

Robot waiters are working in several countries with different applications, like making coffee or making cocktails like professional bartenders. These tests have positive results, nevertheless, the human qualified support remains necessary to support customers and coordinate bots. Final goal is to implement these technologies in crowded places where it is necessary to be fast and proactive, like airports or stations.


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