4.0 workers are feeling a general malaise linked to chronic fatigue. Nevertheless, their efforts are not repaid by concrete results. According to Yves Morieux, Senior Partner and Managing Director of BCG (Boston Consulting Group) it is not just a feeling, but a real problem.

Studies demonstrate that managers spend from 40% to 80% of their time in complex activities, which, however, do not bring added value. Hence the idea of ​​”bring managers back to work” developed. Morieux claims that every industrial revolution has always been associated with a consequent organization revolution, as new technologies cannot be implemented at best without adapting the way of working.

In this digital revolution, first of all, technology must be viewed positively. Artificial Intelligence works as a multiplier of human abilities and therefore will be driven by human abilities. The most important step for employees is to think like a team: workers must become cooperators.

To better face the digital transformation the steps to follow are:

  • Awareness, you need to know what each team member really does;
  • strengthen integration among workers;
  • progressively increase individuals’ power;
  • increase reciprocity, in order to stimulate internal self-regulation;
  • employees should be aware of their impact on future trends.


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