The recent report “Energy Opportunity” by Centrica Business Solutions, affirms that an efficient energy management would ensure firms an indipendent and flexible energetic future. Energy should not be considered a fixed cost, rather a multiplier of value added and growth.

In an era where managing and controlling rising costs is linked to intensive exploiting of sources, the key for success could be a different one: efficient energy management. Costs could significantly reduce thanks to a more efficient approach and a major awareness on the energetic expenses impact on the total business balance.

For these reasons Centrica Business Solutions identified some steps to optimize results:

1. Get insights to improve operative efficiency

Nowadays, just a quarter of the companies check the energy consumptions. In short time a continuous monitoring would lead to a feedback about the wasting areas and the major costs ones. Inactive times could be reduced immediately and productivity could improve.

2. Improve the production efficiency

Once costs monitoring has started, several companies highlighted a significant reduction of energetic costs, thanks to the implementing of innovative solutions. It can be done in many different ways, depending on the business field. For example, using LED bulbs implies a reduction of carbon emissions and reduced consumptions.

3. Reduce the dependence from the network and protect the company from energy prices floatation

In order to avoid blackouts and ensure operative continuity, it is necessary to have a reliable and constant power source. Companies should get local power sources, in order to be flexible and indipendent.

4. Strengthen brand reputation 

Consumers choose more and more products by brands that are environmental friendly. Moreover, there are several financial opportunities and incentives for those brands who decide to sell eco-friendly products.


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