The GDPR, effective since last year, although meant to improved the adoption of users’ data, actually left many doubts. According to research by Ogury, 59% of Italians do not perceive significant changes and even 34% is not yet aware of this new regulation.

66% of Italians has no idea of the use of their data by companies. Those who read the privacy policy, however, do not understand it fully, and would rather read clearer information. Even companies have not fully grasped the importance of GDPR in respect of users privacy. It is therefore necessary for companies to educate consumers to fully understand the importance of these regulations.

At the same time, businesses themselves must be able to adapt to new privacy standards, especially given the continuous changes brought about by digital transformation. The speed of these processes requires great skills and above all awareness of the impact that this transformation can have on the personal data involved.

Despite the risks associated with cybersecurity attacks, 71% of users would be willing to share personal information or information about the use of apps and sites instead of paying for the same content. This is only the case, however, if you are certain of how the data are collected and managed.


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