A surgery is always delicate moment, and often people decide the hospital depending on the doctor they trust the most. Nevertheless, according to a research by Ipsos carried out in Lombardy, citizens are very interested in robotic surgery, they have already heard about it and, most interesting data, 74% of them trust the approach to robots and are confident about the advantages that this technology can bring.

There is a critical point, which is related to skills; for 76% of the interviewees the surgeon must be trained and with proven skills in implementing robotic surgery. Therefore, doctors should have further competences beyond the master training in surgery.

This new technology has significant advantages, in particular the minimally invasive aspect is the most reassuring feature for patients. Moreover, it can be applied in different disciplines, including urology and general surgery, up to that of transplants.

Robotic surgery is spreading around the world, with around 5000 platforms in the world, of which 111 are installed in Italy, for a total of 20,450 interventions performed in 2018, registering an increase of 17% compared to the previous year.


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