Milano-Cortina Olympics win has been a victory for everyone, celebrated across Italy 20 years after Turin 2006. Last 24th June, Italy won the challenge with Sweden and now it is time for the reconversion to start; from the existing structures to the improvement of the roads and up to building the new olympic village. 

The Milano-Cortina games are not just a moment of great sports and aggregation but, mostly, an opportunity of positive impact on the Italian economy. Estimated values, at today, are around 840 million euros on the national GDP.

Ca’ Foscari university, in a recent research, has estimated around 13,800 jobs in Veneto and Trentino, in addition to a tax revenue of 200 million Euros, so divided:

  • 1.8 million tourist tax
  • 2.3 million additional municipal
  • 12 million irap
  • 17.15 million ires
  • 100.65 million indirect taxes
  • 87.58 million income tax

All these incomes generated by forecasted investing of 346 millions which will be used to build the olympic villages and media centers, added to the maintenance of existing structures and building the missing ones. The general organizational impact will cover the years between 2020 and 2028, with a peak of full time employed at the end of 2026 of 8,500 units. 

For local enterprises, especially micro and small ones (MSMEs) it is a unique unmissible chance, as it will have positive effects on the economy. As per a survey by Confartigianato Lombardia, 94,6% of the SMEs interviewed will imply direct economical advantages for them, but for the region as well. 

During a global event like Expo 2015 over 55% of the companies had positive influences and surely next Olympics will bring benefits to Italian corporates, even in terms of new infrastructures, transports and, mostly, medias’ attention that will bring new customers, both national and international.


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