Warehouse automation is not just a step towards innovation, but a real need considering the requests coming from the on demand commerce.

A study held in several countries all over the world highlights the following results.

77% of the interviewed thinks that the best way to implement the warehouse automation is by improving the productivity of the employees through technology. Nevertheless, for most of them it is not clear yet where to start this innovation process. Furthermore, by 2024, 87% of them considers to expand their warehouses.

In 61% of cases automation will not replace men’s work, but will improve their performance, thanks to partial automation technologies. The human element remains a necessary factor and 34% of interviewed would like to equip operators with ad hoc devices.

Concerning the processes to implement automation the choices are:

  • incoming inventory management (24%)
  • outgoing packaging management (22%)
  • receiving incoming goods (20%)

Full production capacity is a key point in 59% of the cases, and, to do so, it is necessary to expand the warehouses, as well as to review the supply strategies. Accordingly, the volume of storage units (SKU) will increase, and the dispatch of the goods will fasten as well.

For more than half of the interviewed, the use of IT is one of the main challenges, both in terms of long-term results but also for better performance analysis. To be more competitive in the on-demand market, warehouse automation should be implemented through mobile computers and tablets, as well as real-time location systems (RTLS) and whole management systems (WMS).


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