In the heart of Prague there is a monument dedicated to Kafka, symbol of his years as an employee for an insurance. Designed by Czech sculptor David Cerny, it is not only an enormous symbol of the writer, but a real concretization of metamorphosis. The statue is in fact composed of rotating panels that meet to form the profile of the writer. 

This sculpture not only honours Kafka, rather is masterpiece of mechanical engineering, where fluid power is the key factor to its success. In fact, it required rotating systems able to act as bearings for the sections, which above all, had to be corrosion resistant and easy to operate.

The basic requirements were the ability to generate continuous fluid movement and no maintenance, despite the difficult climatic conditions of the city. In the end, the face of Kafka has succeeded in realizing with more than two thousand technical drawings and 11 meters high. It consists of 42 stainless steel panels; 41 rings of 1.6 meters of diameter and one of 0.9 meters, for a total weight of 24 tons. The result was also optimal from the point of view of maintenance, since it only requires minimum lubrication.

This has only been possible thanks to the capacities of the oleodynamics industry, and the mechanical components (to know the best producers in the sector, open the link).


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