YouGov (international Internet-based market research firm) conducted an European survey concerning the future of the car.

For Europeans, unanimously, safety is a must. In order to prevent accidents, they consider those systems able to anticipate risks more reliable and these are the first safety equipments that drivers look for. Another advantage of the future car is connectivity, appreciated especially when looking for parking or in case of traffic to find a faster way. French and Italian are more into these innovations, even though they do not seem to be key factors when buying.

Most important data outcoming from the study is the environmental awareness of the Europeans. 30% of the Italians, 24% of the Germans and 23% of the English consider the environmental footprint the main feature when they buy a car. This percentage raises when considering people aged 18-24, they consider eco-sustainability even more relevant than safety. Even people that do not have a car consider environmental impact a crucial point (34%), which means that care of the environment is not a limited interest, but involves the whole community in a social widespread change. Actually, these data double the importance of buying a cheap vehicle, which is fundamental only for the 14% of the interviewed.


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