Serbia is a country of about 7 million inhabitants, which became a sovereign state only in 2006 following the referendum on Montenegro’s independence. In the last years it has been a growing market for Italian exports, with forecasts by 2022 of almost 2.2 billion Euro, an increase of about 300 million compared to 2018.

The Serbian market is full of opportunities especially for mechanical industry, including industrial components, intermediate goods and industrial raw materials.
These are the most important segments:

  • Components for means of transport
  • Intermediate goods of textile materials and leather
  • Chemical intermediate goods (plates, tubes, plastic profiles)
  • Industrial raw materials (steel, copper, synthetic fibres)

The electronics sectors will also see a good growth, along with mechanical and optical components. Together with components, the export of means of transport and agriculture also sees a positive sign.

By 2022, 20% of Italian exports of industrial process machinery and equipment will be directed to Serbia. Among them, textile machines and tools for hard materials will reach almost 40% of the total export. Industrial plant building shall exceed 15% of market share, considering the development of the country mainly in the chemical and steel industries.

Be always updated on the new markets and opportunities for the mechanical industry, follow the below tag “where investing”!


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