We got used to robotic arms that support workers, or to those who do precision work. But in Sweden, robotic arms are used to recycle.

Citizens of a small Swedish town have decided to adopt an innovative system: seven colored bags (recyclable, of course) for different types of waste. The waste is collected from the sanitation all together, and then divided at the collection plant. Here, an optical reader recognizes the colors of the bags and controls robotic arms that assign the bags to the right container. The damp immediately becomes biogas fuel, used for city buses. Thus a Circular Economy system is realized.

In just a few months, this system has made it possible to halve the costs of recycling, as well as achieving the European 2020 target of 50% of recycled waste.

The virtuous city could become a model to be adopted in other cities: Bern, the Swiss capital, started a test with 2500 people involved.


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