The EU has financed with over EUR 6 million a project to clean up nuclear sites with special dedicated robots. They will be able to handle and package radioactive waste in those places where humans cannot get, as too dangerous. 

Just in the United Kingdom, there are about 4.9 million tonnes of nuclear waste; eliminating these nuclear sites would mean a whole process of European environmental reclamation. This task could take at least 100 years, and 20% of the dismantling work should be done by robots.

The study has been able to demonstrate the effective application of the most modern technologies in solving relevant problems such as nuclear sites.

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way workers and robots interact in nuclear sites. In fact, thanks to AI robots can make automatic gestures, like grabbing objects. Old technologies had some issues, as the operator had to manipulate remotely the robot with a joystick.

In addition to developing the abilities of the robot, the Roman Institute has also worked on developing a shared control between man and artificial intelligence; This has resulted in a radiation-resistant robotic arm that the operator wears while controlling a robotic glove. This robot arm replicates the movements of the operator’s hand, tightening around the objects.


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