An Italian survey, “Artificial Intelligence at work” shows that Italian workers are not ready yet to accept the presence of robots in their workplaces. Half of them, indeed, consider robots only helpful in repetitive tasks. Machines’ utility, according to workers could be:

  • 36% – responsible for safety at work
  • 29% – rostering
  • 28% – market and competition surveys

Women in particular are adverse, as Artificial Intelligence would imply loosing human relationship in working environment. Quite the opposite is South workers’ opinion, as most of them would prefer a robot as boss.

According to dr. Poccianti, president of the Associazione italiana per l’AI, Italy should put in touch researchers with firms, in order to manage at best all the projects that create innovation. Italian companies still have to understand the real potential of Artificial Intelligence, as well as its limits, considering that this sector should always be analyzed with lively projects.

In Italy, although academic education is excellent, a real link with industry is still missing and most of the times it is difficult. This reduces the chances of Artificial Intelligence. The country could be up to the challenge deciding to invest in advanced digital skills, in data science, in supporting the start-ups.

One of the sectors that could see great results in the near future thanks to Artificial Intelligence is the Retail, as it would  put in contact final consumers to innovation in daily life. Furthermore, customers are assisting to a rapid diffusion of personal assistants, smart home apps, or cars with automatic pilot, indicating that innovation is spreading in several sectors, with real possibilities to improve every day life.


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